Why You Need a Free-Standing Mirror

If there’s one versatile home accessory that offers both function and style, it’s a free-standing mirror. Here’s why you need one:

Shows You Your Full Reflection

There is nothing more annoying than having to stand on something or needing to back up really far to see your full reflection. Free-standing mirrors allow you to see your whole body, to make sure you look good from head to toe.



Lets You Free Up Wall Space

By using a free-standing instead of a wall-hung mirror, you free up wall space for other décor options like photos and paintings. Free-standing mirrors can also be a simple solution if you don’t have ample wall space or can't drill holes into your walls.



Can be Moved Around Easily

If you love to redecorate and transform your spaces, a free-standing mirror is perfect for you. Unlike a wall-mounted mirror, a free-standing mirror can easily be moved around your space to fulfill any decorating dilemma or interior design requirement.



Reflects Your Best Angle

Mirrors which are screwed into the wall can sometimes lead to a reflection that makes you look too thin or too wide. With a free-standing mirror that you can adjust to any desired angle, you’ll always have a mirror that gives you a true reflection of yourself.