Top 3 Rooms You Must Decorate in your Home

Décor goes a long way in beautifying a home. As we stay home more and more these days, we also become more intentional in transforming our living spaces or making them better to live in.

Not sure which room to start decorating? Here are the top 3 rooms you must decorate in your home.


1. The Living Room

Living rooms are the most visited place in our home by our family and friends, and it’s typically the first room people step into whenever they enter a home. Adding some character to this highly frequented space will surely be a worthwhile endeavor. Choosing a décor reflective of your home’s personality will definitely elevate your space, making it warmer and cozier.

Decorate your perfect Living Room: Hang a striking mirror above your couch, place a decorative tray and some unique tabletop sculptures on your coffee table, and anchor the space with a cozy rug to make the area more interesting!


2. The Dining Room 

It is in our Filipino culture to spend a lot of time dining with family, no less than three times each day at the very least! Make your dining room a more exciting place to entertain family and guests alike. 

Decorate your perfect Dining Room:  Adding candleholders or tabletop decors on the dining table can be a great way to style up meals. Use tabletops that double as a centerpiece and a work of art perfect for entertaining your guests too. Enliven bare walls with a mirror to not only brighten up but also enlarge the room.

3. The Bedroom

Bedrooms are, for most people, their favorite place in the home. This private and personal sanctuary is where the ultimate freedom and relaxation is experienced at the end of a long and eventful day. Spice up your place of slumber with beautifully chosen décor to make sure you get a good night’s sleep and a great start to the morning, each and every day.

Decorate your Perfect Bedroom: Use your bedside tables to anchor the inner creative in you! Choose pieces that reflect your passions and personality, and most importantly, spark joy when you look at them.  


May every moment spent within your home be a memorable one with your perfect pieces.