How to Style Your Coffee Table

Here are 6 useful tips to have you styling your coffee table to perfection in no time at all.

Ensure the Styling Reflects Y
our Theme

No home should feel overly themed, but you should have a cohesive vibe going on. Whether it's rustic, minimalist or all out glam, ensure the objects on your coffee table tap into that scheme.


Look High and Low

When all items are at the same eye level, nothing gets noticed. To create a more eye-catching vignette, vary the height and scale of your coffee table's decorative objects.


Contrast Colors

Choose décor that plays off the color of your coffee table. If the table is white or a neutral, go with bold colors on top. For black or dark woods, showcase metallic and crisp white tabletop items.


Use a Tray

A tray is both a practical and stylish. Trays can showcase your favorite small finds while also making them easily removable should you need to clear the surface for entertaining.


Showcase a Medley of Textures

All too often you’ll see coffee tables with objects of the same material. Like a glossy vase beside a glossy bird ornament on a glossy tray. That’s too much of the one finish. Ideally you don’t repeat the same finish at all. Instead, explore tactile materials that look and feel different.


Be Entertaining

Give guests a way to break the ice when seated around the coffee table. A few playful options to consider: a vintage board game, deck of cards or dominos to add a bit of whimsy to your space.




We hope these tips help you create an arrangement you love with ease!