7 Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Home

With brighter days ahead, why not make the most of mirrors in your home? Here are a few ways to do just that.

Make a Statement

Different mirror styles can also be used as pieces of art, mood enhancers, or statement pieces in a room.


Amplify the Light

Use mirrors to harness all the available natural light coming into a room, and multiply it to brighten up the space.


Group Mirrors Together

A group of mirrors can be displayed together, much like an art gallery, to bring life to a plain wall.


Add an Extra Window

If you have a room that is quite small or dark, hanging a mirror that looks like a window is a great solution.


Raise the Ceiling

Propping a large mirror against the wall that is about three quarters of your ceiling height will make the ceiling appear higher.


Maximize the View

Place the mirror adjacent to the window and you can create the illusion of a dual aspect room with great views in more than one direction.


Add Texture

A mirror can also be used as a way of adding texture. Mirrors with a textured or decorative frame are a great choice.


With so many choices for using mirrors in your home, how can you go wrong?