5 Ways to Decorate with Vases

Looking for an easy piece of décor to spruce up your space? Try adding in a couple of vases! These easy, effortless pieces add some color and texture to instantly uplift the look of your home.
Make a statement in the foyer
Use an interesting, eye catching piece that will WOW your guests when they first walk into your home.
Style up your coffee table
Remember the rule of 3’s when it comes making an arrangement. Try decorating with a set of 3 complementing vases.
Pick a conversation starter
Pick a vase with unique personality to use as a conversation starter when new guests come to visit!
Decorate your dining room table
The dining table is the perfect place for long stemmed vases. Such vases leave a clear opening for your guests to talk across the table, while adding height to the space.
Decorate your kitchen island
The kitchen island is a great place to bring in freshly picked flowers from the garden and add some style to the space.
Add texture to your space
Decorative vases are great for adding tactile and visual texture to a space, which creates a dynamic room design.