5 Shelf Styling tips

Pick a color palette
 Your shelves will look most cohesive when a color story runs throughout. Not everything has to be matchy-matchy, but choosing two or three shades and repeating them will give your displays an intentional, pulled-together look. 
Display sculptural objects. 
Make a statement with unusually shaped objects. Think about how an object's shape will look on its own or grouped with like items. Is it eye-catching and sculptural? These will pack a punch.
Vary Book Positioning
It can be tempting to stack books horizontally in groups of three on each shelf, but don’t let yourself get too repetitive. Try stacks of two, four, or even five, if your shelf height allows. Stand some books vertically and cap them off with artful bookends, which add both personality and function.
Add metallic accents
A few metallic objects will add that pop of bling and elevate your shelf styling.
You can mix metals but just be sure to stick to all warm or all cold. Warm tones are like gold, brass, copper or rose gold and cold tones would be like silver and nickel.
Stack Items
Stacking items on top of one another is another way to add interest to a display. Add a decorative item on a stack of books or vase on top of a stack of plates. Stacking adds so much character to the design.