4 Ways to Style your Decorative Mirror

The use of mirrors is like art – you can place them anywhere in a home. However, the trick is where and how you choose to place your mirror. Choosing the right mirror for the right room can be sometimes daunting, here are some ideas to get the best out of your decorative wall mirrors.


Group mirrors together

You can get creative by grouping mirrors together to create an artistic wall display. There are several different ways to achieve this. However, grouping these mirrors will look better if there is some type of unifying element that ties them together.

Use decorative wall mirrors behind your furniture

 Placing a mirror behind your furniture will not only define your space, but it also adds drama, creates interesting reflections, and transforms your space in an instance. Don’t be afraid to bet on a big mirror, preferably a mirror design that will match your space.

Add Grandeur to Your Entryway

The entryway is the first impression guests have of your aesthetic. Placing a mirror directly above a console table adds a welcoming touch to your space in an instant. Plus, it's the perfect opportunity to have one final look before heading out the door. 

Let it Lean Instead of Mounting

Leaning or freestanding decorative mirrors have become the life of contemporary homes. Leaning a mirror against the wall can look classier and it can be decorated in a number of ways. For example, it gives the room a layered look while reflecting the light at the same time.