4 Reasons Why You Need Mirrors in Your Home


Mirror, mirror, on the wall… here’s how to make your home a better space to live in with these reflective pieces of art.


1. Enlarges your living space  

This styling trick is widely used by interior designers working on small spaces, such as condominiums and tiny apartments. Enlarge your room’s look and feel while maximizing your wall space with a large-sized mirror, or even a customized mirrored wall. Make your living room, dining room, bedroom, foyer, hallway, or entryway bigger than it actually is with a cleverly placed piece. The reflective quality of mirrors is perfect in creating an illusion of infinite space. 

Our Perfect Tip: Hang on the wall or prop against the wall and reflect a beautiful setup to “wow” everyone!

Our Perfect Picks: Audrey (in clear, bronze, gray), Pryce, Katherine, Sylvia, Aidan, Rebecca, and Dianne. Or, drop us a line to customize your own piece!

2. Doubles as artwork


Choose an intricately designed statement piece that will also serve as the room’s focal point. Or, style up your walls with a series of mirrors and to give it character and an art gallery feel. Whether you curate an individual piece or group mirrors together into a blank wall, you can instantly give your space an artfully luxe upgrade.

Our Perfect Tip: Art is subjective, so make sure you choose a mirror style that you absolutely love to look at.

 Our Perfect Picks: Arrows, Sydney, Patricia, Bali and Mosaic are great choices for artful statement pieces. Quad, Twinkle, and Sphere work well as a series of mirrors.

3. Brightens up a room

Maximize your mirrors by positioning it near a window to reflect natural light back into your home. Natural light not only makes a living space look more beautiful, but also makes your home more calming and relaxing. Make sure that your mirror is awkwardly placed by hanging it a foot or two behind the pendant light.

Our Perfect Tip: Use the right sized mirror for your space - too large will make it look too bright and too small will reflect only a little amount of light. 

Our Perfect Picks: Paige, Sunburst, Shelton, and Zip.

4. Serves as a vanity accent

Bathrooms are the most frequented places in a home, but may be neglected when it comes to interior design. Style your bathroom with a mirror that would not only enlarge the space but also serve as a vanity accent. If you have a counter or powder area, you may also place your mirror on top of that for that extra stylish look. 

Our Perfect Tip: Look for mirrors that are functional, simple and elegant, made with materials that can withstand moisture and humidity.

 Our Perfect Picks: Skyrah, Megan, Rome, Tangent, Brilliant, Charlotte, Carrie, and Sunbeam

Making the most out of your mirrors and learning how to style them properly will beautifully enhance and transform your living space. Create your own story in the space you design, and add a perfect piece in every corner of your home.